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8 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Last updated on 23 Feb, 2024 by Tech Sky Star

Instagram is one of the newest, and fastest-growing of the social media channels. Many are switching to this channel to boost their social media presence. Growing a presence can take a long time. So, a standard method is to buy followers for Instagram accounts to make them stand out. In the world of Instagram, having more followers equals higher visibility. 

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1Mr. Insta$110Visit

Lots of sites sell IG followers. But, options, quality, and customer service vary wildly. The sites reviewed here offer a wide variety of products and prices. With the extensive analysis, readers should be able to use the results to help find the best place to buy Instagram followers for their needs.

1. Mr. Insta

When it comes to Instagram followers, Mr. Insta is one of the best tools in the market. As the name indicates, they specialize in this platform, and this shows in the quality of their service. One of their key features is that all the new fans they send can come from one specific country or region if the client chooses that. So, they can be Indian or American, for example. What is more, this service is entirely risk-free, as the brand does not even ask to know the personal details of the account, like its password.


  • High-Quality Followers
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Safe Gradual Delivery
  • No Password Required
  • Instagram Ads Method+


  • Supports only Instagram
  • Don’t sell likes & views

After being in the market since 2013, this agency has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry because of its experience and great quality of services. Yet, this also shows in their price tags, which may be a con for those on a budget. But those who can afford a bit more can benefit from this type of service.

2. Likes.io

The main purpose of Likes.io involves increasing the number of followers that an Instagram account has. This will help boost the activity of the profile and result in more potential customers seeing the content. The followers will comment on, view, repost, and like the content posted on the account, which will enhance their visibility.

The service appeals to businesses, individuals, and social media influencers. The followers that are generated are real Instagram accounts and not bots. The company also offers various customer support methods, such as electronic form submissions, email, and live chat.


  • Good customer service
  • Genuine Instagram followers
  • Quick delivery
  • Low prices
  • Confidential information not stored


  • The rare potential risk of the account being banned
  • PayPal is not an accepted payment method

Likes.io will help to improve an Instagram account’s popularity. This service will boost the number of followers on the profile, which will then prioritize the content. Once the content gets pushed up in the queue, more people will become aware of it.

The service offers quick delivery so the account owner can reap the benefits right away. Virtual security is good, as the company works hard to protect its customers’ data. Using this provider is a convenient method of improving the success of an Instagram account quickly.

3. SocialViral

If you’re still on the path of wanting to find companies that can help out with so much more than just Instagram, then you need to seriously consider checking out SocialViral as well.

These guys know a fair bit about helping their clients get cheap followers for most platforms in the industry, which means that they are great value for money.

It’s often a bit waste of both money and time when you have to go to all types of different companies for similar help, so finding a company like this that can do it all is invaluable.

We love that they have secured their HTTPS site, that they have a secure payment system for safe processing, and that their prices are reasonable.

SocialViral makes it super easy for new customers to sign up, and there’s no need to worry about fake engagement because they don’t mess with this kind of thing.

All they want is to see their customers do well, which is why they’re one of the top companies on this list.

4. Followersup

If you read about Media Mister as number one up there and thought that they sounded pretty good, then you are also going to enjoy reading about Followersup.

These guys know that most of their clients want high-quality followers that they can apply to multiple social media channels, and we think that as a result, they’ve got a pretty good thing going right now.

One of the best things is that they can help you with exponential growth, so you’ll be able to make sure that your follower count is covered across the board no matter what social media channels you have and are hoping to grow.

We also appreciate that they have put a lot of effort into their customer service, and their prices are pretty good as well.

Their features are broad and varied, and they have even remembered to secure their website with HTTPS so that your personal information is protected from hackers.

As you can see, Followersup is another great all-rounder who can take your Instagram account and make it go a long way.

Once you realize just how high-quality their Instagram followers, likes, views, saves, impressions and comments are, you won’t want to settle for anything else.


Another social media marketing company that solely focuses on Instagram is Followers.io. They only have three services. These are Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram views.

Don’t assume that you have limited choices, though. After all, Followers.io has multi-tier packages for each of their services.

Those who want to buy Instagram followers from Followers.io have eight followers packages ranging from 100 to 10,000 followers. Their best feature, however, is their 100% money-back guarantee.

If you have found their service to fall short of your expectations within 15 days, then you can get your money back, no questions asked.

6. Kicksta

Kicksta is a powerful growth tool and a great place to buy Instagram followers so that you can uphold your existing reputation on Instagram for not just the near future, but for years to come.

They leave a lot of the choices up to their clients, so instead of just offering you several different packages to choose from, they sit down and talk to you individually in the beginning, to learn what your needs are for your Instagram profile.

We think that personalized websites like this are a dying breed, so if you want to make the most of them, then definitely sign up for them today.

7. Stormlikes

Stormlikes doesn’t require clients to provide a password, and payment takes place via PayPal. Those who are interested can take advantage of a trial version of 50 free followers to test the waters. For reference, a plan of 100 followers costs $2.99. According to the site, the service has a network of community accounts and members, and this is how they can guarantee engagement from real people.

On the whole, this provider seems like a safe bet for those looking to boost their Instagram growth and influence. The Stormlikes website is up to date, and its blog contains current and relevant information. There is more room for customization here than with other service providers, making Stormlikes a contender in the Instagram sphere.


  • High-Quality Followers
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Instant Delivery
  • Lots of options


  • Supports only Instagram
  • Don’t sell comments

8. Social Clout Club

Social Clout Club is the industry leader for Instagram brand exposure, credibility & social proof. They built our brand on transparency by setting honest expectations and delivering on those results.

Social Clout Club is an Instagram growth service that helps Instagram pages increase traffic and grow in followers organically.

They pride themselves on helping to increase your Instagram page’s credibility and exposure through celebrity campaigns.

You can also explore the below website to gain Instagram followers

Sr.No.Name5K Followers PriceLink


SocialPlus provides the perfect opportunity for users who want to build their Instagram accounts to actualize their wishes. The company offers a growth program that drives a safe, gradual, and natural increase in the number of followers for account owners.

Its organic policy and strategy also ensure that the new additions are interested in the subscriber’s content. So, members can also always benefit from more views, likes, and engagement.

This is because of the several benefits attached to a large Instagram fanbase. Businesses with popular accounts are more likely to experience better sales.


  • High retention rate
  • Quick delivery on all orders
  • No password required
  • High-quality profiles
  • Safe promotions


  • They do not accept PayPal
  • No telephone support


Buzzoid is a great company to buy Instagram followers from. They say that they are the kind of company that can help bring the best people to your process, through their simple yet effective packages.

Once you have entered your details with them, you can get started right away.

They’ll never ask for your password, they have great prices and customer support, and they offer PayPal and Bitcoin among other ways to pay. Try this company where you can buy real Instagram followers today.


Famoid has some of the best and most revolutionary ways to increase the Instagram presence of any account that comes their way. Their main aim is towards achieving targeted advertisement as well as organic growth for which they employ various tools as well as methods. To start with, they make sure that they can find the perfect target audience for you as well as for your brand. Based on this, they will give you great advice on the kind of content that you should be creating to please your current audience base. The best part about them is that they are extremely dedicated towards their clients and they will be with you every step of the way until you gain the social recognition that you are aiming for.

Since they are one of the best places to buy Instagram followers online, they also make sure that you can avail yourself of some highly affordable packages. To begin with, you can buy 100 Instagram followers from them at $3. Other than this, you can buy 250 Instagram followers for $5 as well as 500 Instagram followers for $8. Their most popular plan includes 1000 Instagram followers at just $15. For instance, you can get 5000 Instagram followers for about $70 and 10,000 Instagram followers for about $130.


Fast likes easily take one of the prime spots in our list of the best site to buy followers on Instagram. It is one of our favorite pics in the top ten entries on this article. This site is extremely efficient as well as Dependable when it comes to delivering real Instagram followers.

Other than this, they always make sure that all of their plans are highly cost-efficient and accessible to people with different financial constraints. They also make sure that you always have an edge over your rivals by giving you the fastest delivery in terms of Instagram followers and other engagement. Talking about their plans, you can start at as little as 4 dollars which will give you 250 Instagram followers.

The plants will gradually increase two 1000 Instagram followers for $12, 2000 followers for just $24, and up to 5000 Instagram followers for as little as $54. There are extremely high plans included as well. These include 7000 Instagram followers that can be purchased for less than $75 as well as 10,000 Instagram followers that can be purchased for about 108 dollars. Fast likes ensure that you are always connected with a community that has a genuine interest in the content you’re creating. Therefore, when you buy Instagram followers from them you will be able to create a very strong network of supporters for your account.


Trusy Social is one of those companies that can help you buy Instagram followers that is going to make it super easy for you to get your hands on some of the best Instagram engagement in the world so that you can put your content ahead of your rivals and do better than them all the way.

They say that they can help you get to know other influencers in your industry, and they can also help you because they are going to grow your Instagram profile in a way that is subtle and effective.

They offer a personal account manager that you can talk to as well that is going to give you fresh and unique ideas on how to grow your Instagram successfully, and we think that considering their pricing starts from just $97 a month, you get what you pay for with these guys.

They are a bit on the expensive side especially if you aren’t used to seeing pricing like this, but trust us when we say that you get what you pay for in this industry, and we think that Trusy is worth every dollar that they are asking for their features.


GoRead has a real passion for helping their customers buy Instagram followers, but they go so beyond this that it is hard to believe.

They can also help you with the Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, and saves, and they can do all of this within just a couple of minutes.

Like many major companies in this industry, they have put their features into different categories, so you don’t just have to go for all of them under one bulk package.

They also believe that their features are lightning-fast but not fast to the point that they are going to compromise on the safety and privacy of your existing Instagram reputation.


One of the things that we like the most about Growthoid is that their followers are real because they offer a manual growth service. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other companies like this in the industry that not only can offer a manual service that’s going to grow your Instagram organically, but the followers are real.

As we’ve said, it’s a lot harder than you think to come across this type of engagement for your Instagram, so you need to take this opportunity and run with it.

We love that they don’t mess with things like fake followers, spam, or bots – they’re just here to make sure that their clients do well. They can help you find similar profiles to yours so that they can target their audience on your behalf.

This is the best way for them to find people who are going to be interested in your content, and who are easily persuaded to check it out instead.

There’s nothing really like this out there, so make the most of them and know that you’re in good hands. We also love that they offer many different payment options, including PayPal and Bitcoin.


If you’re looking for a place to buy Instagram followers from, then you can’t go past a company like SidesMedia.

This company knows the ins and outs of Instagram – so much so that they have now been in this industry for years, and only want the best for their clients.

They want to help you gain more exposure for your brand and increase your follower count because they know how hard it can be. We love that they promise they can deliver high-quality Instagram followers to your profile within 72 hours, which in this industry is a great turnaround time. SidesMedia reiterates on their website that they only send you real followers.

They say that the followers are created by real people in their network, which means that they get paid for interacting with you. This is the only way that they can offer Instagram followers that is risk-free so that you can grow your account without worrying about being suspended or banned.

They want to help you grow those numbers, and we think that they have everything to do this – including a wide array of different payment plans.


Any list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers would be incomplete without the mention of social packages. If you have been wanting to increase your follower count along with subsequent engagement in the form of comments, likes, etc., then you do not have to search anymore. Social packages are the one-stop solution for people who are looking for wholesome growth on Instagram or any other social media site. Not only can you buy Instagram followers from the site, but you can also buy Instagram likes, Instagram views, Instagram comments, etc. Not only this, they will provide you with all of these at extremely affordable prices.

Their basic plan will start at 2.5 dollars that will give you 100 Instagram followers. Then you can get 250 Instagram followers for about $5 and a thousand Instagram followers for about $13.00. You can also get 5000 Instagram followers for about $55 while the last plan will give you 10,000 Instagram followers for less than $105.00.

The maximum amount of time that they will take to deliver this order is in 2 days. They are one of the rare sites that offer a guaranteed return on investment. Therefore, you can rest assured that your social media will be in good hands once you collaborate with them.


If you would like to promote your Instagram account with the best services available then social pros are the place for you. It is easily one of the best sites to buy followers on Instagram because of its creative team of social media experts and market analysts who can help your account reach its full potential on Instagram.

They claim that they are here to make your dreams of getting social media stardom an absolute reality. To date, they have worked with numerous influences, brands, musicians, etc. across the group to create a perfect growth pattern for them. If you want an edge over your competition, then this is the site you need to go to.

You can start by buying 100 Instagram followers for less than $3 and 2:50 Instagram followers for less than $5. Other than this, you can buy 500 Instagram followers for less than $7.00 and a thousand Instagram followers for exactly $12. There are three most popular plans included in the site which include 1500 Instagram followers for $18.00, 2000 Instagram followers for $23, and 3000 Instagram followers for $35. The biggest plans are for 5000 Instagram followers as well as 10,000 Instagram followers that can be bought at $55 and $105 respectively.


Twicsy has such a good reputation of being the kind of company that can assist you with buying Instagram followers they say that they can assist you with boosting your Instagram page in minutes.

This way, you can get hundreds of followers and likes for your Instagram profile delivered safely and quickly, and if you click on the button on their website that says, ‘get started’, they will take things from there.

The first thing that they want you to do is to tell them what you need because they offer their clients an unlimited number of purchasing options.

All you’ve got to do to work out the best match for your profile is to speak to their friendly staff, and you will be well on your way to doing well on Instagram.


Upleap has a real knack for understanding what its customers’ needs are when it comes to being able to buy real Instagram followers because they understand that time is money, and the pressure is on to find the right kind of followers for your profile quickly.

This is why they guarantee that they can not only effectively help you grow your Instagram profile with the right followers, but they can do so faster than other companies in the industry.

If you are tired of finding companies that don’t have your best interests at heart, then these guys are going to be a nice refreshing change.

All you need to do is enter your username, and they can quickly start growing your account for you. It is as easy as that.


UseViral says that they are a big believer in helping their customers buy Instagram followers and likes that are authentic, real, and are going to cost them as little as $2.99.

They can also promise a delivery time of fewer than 12 hours, and the best part is that you can capitalize on their services not only for Instagram but for TikTok at the same time.

They have different price points based on what your budget might look like, so you can either choose from a subscription where you will pay for it monthly or a cheaper pay-as-you-go package.

Each of their packages comes with free refills, as well as gradual Instagram growth so that you aren’t going to violate Instagram’s terms and conditions.


Viralyft is easily one of the best places to buy Instagram followers today. They come with a range of features that have made them prominent in their field as the best providers of social media growth services. They only connect you with real and active users of Instagram. They have great networking with the premium accounts of Instagram that are related to every niche. They can also help you get in touch with communities that promote content similar to yours. Therefore, in terms of extensive Instagram marketing and organic growth, viralyft takes a prime place.

They have some extremely affordable plans as well. Their most basic plan will give you approximately 100 followers on Instagram for less than $3. Moreover, all of these plants come loaded with features like timely delivery, retention rates, etc. The next plan is for $5 and gives you about 250 Instagram followers.

Other plans include 500 Instagram followers for less than $7, 2500 Instagram followers for about $36, and 1500 Instagram followers for less than $18. Other than this, there are two biggest plans that you can avail of as well. The highest plan is for 94.99 dollars that can give you 1000 Instagram followers. On the other hand, there’s another plan for 5000 followers that can be bought for less than $56.


The next company is one of the greatest places to help you buy Instagram followers cheap, and we love that they can help you by being extremely efficient, so you aren’t going to have any trouble getting the engagement that you want when you want it.

They say that they pride themselves on being able to deliver real, organic engagement to you whenever you need it, and they say that they are highly cost-efficient, so you’re never going to be shelling out more for their features than is appropriate.

We think that they can help you with a great delivery time, and when it comes to their engagement limits, they make sure that they well and truly fall into what Instagram’s expectations are.

They are going to charge you as cheap as $4 for 250 followers for your Instagram profile, and they say that they care about what you are creating in terms of your content so that you can talk to them about advice around that aspect of your Instagram growth at the same time.


Follower packages is a site that can help all forms of social media influencers double their presence on Instagram. Whether you are a musician, a fashion Blogger, a health enthusiast, or a social media chef- no matter what your needs are, this company shall be able to help you out. They are even known for the great work that they have been able to do for various brands and companies right from their starting days on Instagram. Like some of the sites mentioned above, they also make sure that along with followers you get a subsequent amount of engagement as well. Their method of Instagram advertisement and growth is completely organic, helping you maintain the quality of your account.

Needless to say, they have some of the most affordable plans that are available in the market. Their lowest plan starts at $15 that can give you as many as 500 Instagram followers. They have a one-time payment system that is extremely safe and makes use of modern technology and encryption. Other plans include 4000 Instagram followers for $19 as well as 2500 Instagram followers that can be bought at $35. You can get up to 5000 Instagram followers for less than $60 and as much as 10,000 Instagram followers for less than $120.


GetViral is also one of the best sites to buy followers on Instagram. Just like the site mentioned above, they also come up with extremely cost-efficient packages and diverse plants. They aim to work with communities and demographics from different parts of the world. Therefore, they have provided various options that can be accessed by people no matter where they are from. You can start by buying Instagram followers from them for less than $25.

They are extremely punctual about their delivery times. You can start seeing results reflecting on your account within a matter of 9 hours. The process of buying Instagram followers from them is extremely easy.

The first step includes picking a package that suits the needs of your account or your business. Next, you will have to fill out a basic form that will never ask for any sensitive details that could compromise or risk your identity. The final step with a secure checkout through a highly encrypted payment gateway. At all times, getting viral will take utmost care of your privacy and security.


Instafollowers has a way of being able to know its clients well from the beginning and know what they are looking for when it comes to their Instagram growth.

They know that you want to be able to grow your Instagram in a way that is effortless and subtle so that you aren’t going to get in trouble for getting a bit of help from an outside company.

We love that they can help you not just with Instagram, but with Twitter and Spotify, and they say that they can help you with your Instagram IGTV, which is probably pretty relevant at this point.

If you need to, you can start by buying 10 Instagram followers for just $5, and this goes all the way up to 5000 Instagram followers that are going to cost you $45.

When compared to other companies in the industry, we think that prices like these are too good to be true – but the good news is that they aren’t, they are just a company that cares about how your Instagram page does in the future.


Thunderclap features a disclaimer on their website that you will see as soon as you go to their homepage, which talks about how they have some of the best Instagram followers to help you get more of the right traffic on your content.

We believe that they are not only a great place to buy Instagram followers with credit cards, but it’s also nice that they have individualized solutions so that you can be in control of the features that you end up working with.

Again, there aren’t too many companies out there these days that are as customized as this, so being able to choose everything for yourself is definitely to your advantage.


When it comes to the best places to buy Instagram followers, Views Expert simply has to be on the list. This is a site that has been working in this industry for a long period. In all probability, they have some of the highest experiences in working for social media growth. This site has continuously worked for different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Therefore, they can promote your Instagram on a range of digital media giving you an edge over the rest of your competition. We love their approach towards customer service as well. They are highly approachable and communicative and always make sure that all of their customers’ needs are met.

The lowest plan provided by the site is for two-point $5 which gives you about 400 Instagram followers. On the other hand, that highest plan is for 10,000 Instagram followers that can be bought at $99. Other than this, you can buy 5000 Instagram followers for $54 and 7000 Instagram followers for $74. There are also options to buy 300 followers, 500 followers, and more at different plans. This site is also one of the most diverse and accessible sites available for people who want to buy Instagram followers.


Instapple claims to build its strength upon quality service and not just speed. That’s not to say that it is not timely with its delivery. In fact, within an hour or two, customers will begin to notice a gradual increase in their amount of followers.

The website has some exciting features like the free trial, which gives users 25 new followers. Some others include a PayPal secure payment gateway, 24/7 customer services, etc.

The site’s overall performance is great, though subscribers may sometimes experience some hitches, like getting inactive users or reducing followers.


  • It features a 24/7 customer service
  • It uses a variety of secure payment methods
  • It does not require the account password to function
  • The prices are affordable with several payment options
  • It offers a free trial


  • Strict refund policy
  • No dedicated account manager


FriendlyLikes has delivered millions of orders to several customers.

The website provides fast delivery on all purchases. Although, customers with larger orders tend to experience a slower process. For example, 500 IG followers can get an instant drop, but it is not so for a request of 1,000 targets and above. Such larger spread evenly over a short period.

Aside from its delivery speed, the website offers other features like a 30-day refill warranty and several subscription plans and payment options.


  • A 30-day refill warranty
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast delivery on all orders
  • An option for comments in several languages
  • Flexible plans and affordable prices


  • Only three days warranty for refunds
  • No live chat support


Another great site for buying real Instagram likes, followers, and engagement is PlentyGram. Their prices are very similar to some of the other mentioned services which start at around $3.

PlentyGram also offers a TikTok service for gaining more views and followers as well. This is a nice touch since TikTok is one of the most used social platforms in the world for Gen Z. A demographic that continues to climb and continue to gain more financial freedom.

What is great about PlentyGram is that it specializes in Instagram and TikTok, two platforms that are very important for businesses right now. If you are looking to grow your accounts on these sites, we highly suggest you check out PlentyGram.


  • Brand Building – If you are looking to build your personal and/or business brand, Goldstar Social services are for you. Combining the Instagram platform with our services you can create a brand that can be advertised to your target audience.
  • Value To keep your fans and/or customers engaged you will need increased visibility. Constant posting and promotion are much needed, however, the addition of Goldstar will make sure your account is in a position to succeed.

Goldstar social is a company that prides itself on a maximum 10 click order and fast turnaround time. Here is how it works: –

  • Selection of Package – Select the package for your requirements, either Instagram followers or Instagram likes
  • Details – Enter your username of the business or personal Instagram page. If you have selected likes, you will be directed to a page where you can select which post you would like to boost.
  • Payment – Accepts both PayPal and Bitcoin.

How to Buy Instagram Follower (5 Useful Tips Before You Get Started)

It’s crucial to know that Instagrammers are not alone in this jungle. Many account owners on Instagram are looking to grow their fan base. Of course, such an objective is not easy to attain. There are too many things to take care of in this field. Follow these tips to make your professional life easier.

1. Remind Yourself Instagram is a Quick Platform

This is key to get when somebody is managing such a profile. What attracts more and more followers is the speed of delivery.

  • The best tactic is to choose targeted followers.
  • Because they will be related to the location of the channel.
  • To have more followers, companies that serve influencers are the best options.

2. Take Into Account Exactly What You Are Looking for

Agencies that offer to grow Instagram profiles are many. The ones that achieve that with ease are not so many. So, keep goals at hand.

  • Do you value more speed or retention when it comes to a tool?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on marketing campaigns?
  • Do companies protect private data well?

3. Help Yourself by Choosing Reliable Vendors

A person who is alone can have hard times in this industry. Accept as much help as offered from the best providers you can find when it comes to social media, especially Instagram.

  • These companies can help when trying to grow various accounts at different times.
  • They can aid in finding the best packages for your profiles.

4. Have a Knack for New Things

The fact that a company works does not necessarily make them the best options. In some cases, it is great to try other tools and see how they go.

  • Free trials are excellent for seeing how other apps for Instagram followers work.
  • Make use of customer support to ask many questions.
  • See if new apps suit your needs.

5. Track Everything

A great part of measuring success is to try something new. And then see how it went. To do that, managers need to know some things.

  • Metrics. Read numbers and interpret their success (or not).
  • Read what fans say about the company you would like to hire.
  • If the feedback is bad, try to look for another one.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Whether someone is a newbie to Instagram or they’re trying to kick their popularity up a notch, these top 10 tips will prove incredibly useful. Anyone with a small-to-medium follower count can put these suggestions to use today to start seeing results. They’ll help with boosting engagement, getting noticed, and growing a wider audience.

1. Upload Consistently

With all of the profiles on Instagram these days, people get bored when they don’t see content from someone regularly. Either that or they forget about them. It’s quite normal for influencers to post once a day on this platform.

2. Find the Perfect Schedule

Along with that consistency, it’s also crucial to find the right time to post. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always clear. It depends on the target audience, geographic location, and the right time might be different each day. The trick is to do some research on your preferred viewer and look into when they use Instagram, how long they’re on it, and what kinds of content they enjoy.

3. Use the Right Hashtags

It’s hard to imagine anyone growing their IG account without hashtags. These funky symbols create brand awareness by promoting certain keywords. Those buzzwords reflect whatever is trending in a particular niche, such as beauty, business, or travel. Again, a bit of research goes a long way here.

4. Direct Followers Somewhere

Calls to action aren’t just for business emails or landing pages. So many successful Instagrammers use this technique to direct their followers to their website, IG bio, or e-commerce platform. It’s amazing how many people will follow your lead if you just direct them. That said, be sure that you’re offering value in these places. This could be a free worksheet download, a coupon code, or something else.

5. Mix Up Your Content

With the competitive nature of social media, a profile needs to be interesting to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, IG offers different means of expression, including images, videos, and stories. A mixture of all of these will keep things fresh and exciting, as well as give viewers a closer connection to you.

6. Make Things Interactive

One of the most fun parts of social media is that it’s like a huge chat room where people can share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions, as well as invite others to do the same. Notice that many top Instagrammers and influencers utilize interactivity to boost their follower counts and engagement. They do this through contests and giveaways as well as polls and surveys. Some people offer freebies to contest winners, or they create polls in their IG stories. It can even be as simple as asking followers to answer a question in the comments section.

7. Know What Viewers Want

This goes back to knowing your audience. Content creators and businesses must understand what their target market is looking for. It takes a bit of digging around to find these insights, but the result is well worth it. A bonus tip is to see what rival accounts are doing and what their followers respond well to.

8. Say Yes to Collaborations

Collaboration can take on many forms. Consider partnering with other influencers, friends, or brands. Collaborations don’t always have to be paid, although they’re often mutually beneficial for both parties involved. This could entail holding a contest or giveaway or simply sharing relevant content alongside another account.

9. Don’t Be Too Promotional

Viewers want transparency, but they also look for “realness” in the accounts they follow. If it seems as though every other post is sponsored or an ad for some brand-name product, the account starts to lose authenticity. A good rule of thumb is to share a promotion or sponsored post once every 10 or 15 posts.

10. Create a Caring Community

People often focus on the dark side of social media, but these platforms are also great for building up communities and helping people feel less alone. Influencers often take a lot of responsibility for creating these nurturing and supportive environments. Be sure to let followers know that they’re valued, either by offering freebies, valuable content, or simply by telling them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Buy Instagram Followers (What to Look For)?

  • Determine the objective for the Instagram account.
  • Compare prices. Read reviews. Take advantage of free trials.
  • Watch the purchased followers for dropouts. Try different companies.
  • Select the best performer for your budget & move ahead.

2. Do Buying Followers Work?

Yes, it does. If it didn’t or were a scam, there wouldn’t be such a demand to buy Instagram followers, views, likes, comments, etc. Take for example AudienceGain, a company in business since 2015. Or, Stormlikes and Famoid with over 1M users served. That shows how valuable this approach is to a lot of companies.

Purchasing followers is a standard business practice and helps level the playing field between large companies and smaller ones. Since small companies cannot match the marketing resources of larger ones to get noticed, buying followers is a good option.

3. Is it Safe to Buy Followers on Instagram?

Yes, as long as buyers do their research and don’t jump into the first service they find. They must research a few different choices and weigh the pros and cons. There are plenty of services that sell Instagram followers, but there are others that will steal information or payment details. Consumers should always check the terms and conditions, as well as user reviews so that they know where those followers are coming from.

4. Where to Buy Instagram Followers?

There are a hundred alternatives. Future shoppers just have to know where and how to select the best ones. All of the companies are online for sure. Then, there are many factors to consider when choosing. First, if it has a reputation. Not all companies are reliable. So, buyers can be victims of a scam. Then, pricing is another factor. Many packages exist for diverse budgets. Shoppers should be aware of the refill policy and privacy. In this manner, they will not be badly surprised later. Finally, the speed of delivery is key. Most buyers desire to get their followers as soon as possible.

5. What are the Benefits of Buying Real Followers?

When a company or person decides to buy Instagram followers, the main benefit is immediate visibility. With a billion or more active accounts, getting followers is insanely hard. Big companies have many options to increase the speed of gaining followers. Plus, they have more resources. Small companies can’t match this power. So, many decide to buy followers.

Buying followers requires less time than using different methods to gain followers and can be very cost-effective. A more visible account will deliver benefits faster, whether those include brand awareness, sales, etc.

6. Want to Buy Followers?

Welcome to the millions of account owners who have decided to buy followers. The account will gain additional visibility based on the number of followers purchased. With higher visibility, people are more likely to find the account and follow it. Think of it like priming a pump.

The account will have some risk of being perceived as phony, perhaps hurting its reputation. Even with that risk, the number of people and companies buying followers indicates the risk is small. Buyers have decided that growth is worth this risk.

7. Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

It is clear from the number of businesses selling Instagram followers; there is a big demand for the service. But, is it better to buy IG followers or grow them “organically,” which takes a long time? Organically means letting people find an account on their own. These are genuine, active followers, but it can take years. To decide on which approach to take, answer this question, “What is the objective of the Instagram account?” If it is to promote a brand image, launch a marketing campaign, or sell immediately, growing followers organically won’t work.


  • Instant visibility
  • Build credibility for the company, brand, offering, faster
  • An affordable way to get followers
  • Free up time for other business duties


  • Instagram periodically removes fake followers
  • Account owners should buy views, likes, and comments too, adding to the cost
  • Selecting the wrong provider that breaks Instagram rules can get an account banned

The Final Word

Buying followers is a proven method for increasing the visibility of an Instagram account. There are good and bad providers selling these products, so be sure you understand as much about the company you choose as possible.

Start small so, if the company you select fails you in some area, your investment is low. And, always investigate the company’s FAQs to look for their business practices and support options. Consider those that appear ethical and promise to adhere to Instagram’s rules.