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What is a Letterhead?

Last updated on 23 Feb, 2024 by Tech Sky Star

A letterhead is a stationery design that unifies your printed correspondence to your brand. Technically, letterheads are used for printed letters but can also be used in digital messaging to maintain a branded feel. In some cases, companies use letterheads for important correspondence only.

For example, a university sends emails for regular communication but uses a letterhead sent in the post for an acceptance letter. A law firm uses email daily but sends a letter on a letterhead as an official communication with a higher official.

A letterhead includes content like;

  • A person or business name
  • An address
  • A phone number
  • An email
  • Contact details
  • A company logo/brand logo
  • Occasionally a background or border design

Putting your brand front and center is vital at every level of business communication, which is why your letterhead is an essential piece of the visual branding puzzle.

Why is it important to use a letterhead?

Letterhead is an important element of efficient communication because it identifies the sender right away and provides contact information that’s easy to access.

Letterheads are used by companies, organizations and individuals in every industry. Most companies use professionally designed letterhead for all official communication. 

Why should your business have a letterhead?

We listed some of the reasons why you should make sure your letterheads are of good quality.

1. To make a good first impression

Letterhead is on the topmost part of your business letters. This means that it is the first thing that readers see. Aside from its placement in your document, the design and colours of your letterhead brings much more attention than the plain text. That is why it must be treated like a means of dressing up your company.

No matter how well written your business letters are, readers and recipients will be turned off by a mediocre letterhead. A well-designed letterhead can make a good first impression for your company. If a lot of thought and effort is put into it, it gives your clients an idea of how much attention your business pays to quality.

2. To look professional

All of your business transactions and correspondence, whether in hard copy or soft copy, should be on quality paper with a well-designed letterhead. As such, letterheads must not look as if it was done in a hurry. It is used to project formality and consistency. Thus, if you want to be professional in your communication, you ought to use a letterhead on your documents.

Beyond formalities and good communication, letterheads are used to show that your documents and the information contained within them is credible and genuine.

3. To reinforce your company image

Letterheads are used to strengthen your company’s image through effective communication. Whether the purpose of the document is to communicate your business’s product or service, an internal or external matter, or simply for publicity, a quality letterhead enhances your business’s image.

It not only communicates formality and credibility but also to tell the audience what your business is about. The letterhead design can represent your company values through simple details like the choice of colour or font style. Graphic designers make use of these details to convey a message, such as using strong and bold fonts and colours, or elegant and delicate elements.

4. To serve as a marketing strategy

A good letterhead design makes it easy for people to remember your company. Readers will find a good design memorable, such that simply seeing the colours, font or logo will make them remember your company name.

Graphic design has been constantly evolving as a marketing strategy. The truth is, you can actually communicate with your audience through your letterhead. Different designs and the use of elements can evoke an emotion and impression from your audience.

5. Hire professional graphic design services for your letterhead

There are many rules in graphic design, so make sure you hire a skilled and experienced professional to do the job. You would not want to use a letterhead with bizarre colour combinations, too much or too little detail, or mismatching fonts. A good quality letterhead must not only use a proper colour scheme, but also convey the right emotion with its design elements. Make the most of creativity.

Contact Jezweb for your graphic design needs, and we can work together for the perfect business letterhead that works best for your marketing strategy.